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DA-CIN Construction Co. Ltd., Q-LAB Architects

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  • DA-CIN Construction Co. Ltd., Q-LAB Architects
  • For-tune Construction Co. Ltd., KING-SHIH Architect Co., Ltd., FuLe M.E.M. Co., Ltd.


  • The Great Tainan Expo Center building form is the result of a direct expression of a functionally organized floor plan. The expo hall is centered between the two primary axes of visitor entry and service loading dock. With the major program clearly defined, the local road is extended through the site to create the main site axis. With the Lobby facing the extended street, parking is located opposite the lobby for easy parking access and visitor transfer from parking to lobby.
  • A pedestrian bridge is proposed from the train station to the site to bypass vehicular traffic, while the loading dock is located along the west of the site. Green space along the north and south of the site is placed create a public connection between the public park and the Expo Center, as well as the rest of the district.

For-tune Construction Co. Ltd DESIGN CONCEPT ICONS OF TAINAN,From Sea shore to inland, the City’s spatial axis and timeline, three images are extracted as icons of the Project.

  • Maritime Culture / Kun Shan (Whale back)
    Taiwan came into existence at the coming of Age of Discovery, i.e. maritime culture. Its sea shore was called Kun Shan, meaning “whale back”, a metaphor reflecting the magnificence of sea, which becomes the main icon of the Design.
  • The City, the citadel, and brick wall
    The City, as ancient capital, is left with many relics of brick walls. They are the remains of past city, citadel, temples, and memory, and is the second icon of the Design.
  • Modern capital of technology
    The City has been booming due to the development of Tainan Science Park. There are many green energy research facilities near Hi-Speed Rail station. This ambiance provides the third main icon of the Deign.

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