Project Brief



Tainan City was upgraded to a special municipality in 2010. Since then, with a view to cater for growth of business and trade as well as the industry transformation, the city government has followed the 2015 National Development Plan approved by the Executive Yuan and has facilitated the development of the MICE industry. The government has confirmed to carry out the Project of Greater Tainan Expo Center. This public construction is expected to create an ideal environment for the MICE industry in Tainan City.
Tainan City Government has started the primary assessment of the project in 2012 and selected Tainan THSR Station District as the most suitable site for the project. The site is located at the No. 276 Land, Wudong Section, Guiren District, Tainan City. It is 5.2 ha with the building coverage ratio of 40% and the floor area ratio of 240%. The floor area of the main building and parking tower are estimated to be 27,800 m2 and the 12,100 m2 respectively which makes the total floor area 39,900 m2. The budget is approx. NTD 1.795 billion.


Due to the site specificity, positioning, functions required, mode of development and private-sector participation, the Greater Tainan Expo Center is expected to reach the following objectives:


To efficiently integrate the cultural and tourism resources and competitive industries, to facilitate the industry development in Yunlin, Chiayi and Tainan, to catch up with the development of Northern Taiwan, as well as being a new venue for exhibition in Southern Taiwan;


To serve as a platform and agency for the industry development which will contribute to the commercial and trade development, to fuel industry transformation and regional development, to enhance the industries’ competitiveness and brand value, and to generate the greatest economic benefits;


To provide multi-functional exhibition facilities for professional use, to facilitate the growth of the supporting industries of MICE in Tainan, to enhance Tainan’s competiveness among the international cities;


To establish an appropriate development mechanism which will promote the development of the neighborhood of THSR station and the MICE industry of Tainan with the cooperation with Ministry of Economic Affairs and Bureau of High Speed Rail, MOTC and the public sectors of Tainan City Government, to raise the economic value, to boost employment, and to increase the tax revenue of the central and local government

Design Requirement

1.Multifunctional Exhibition Space

solid floor with the maximum load of 5 ton/ m2, 600 indoor exhibition booths (There should be movable room dividers to separate the area into two individual spaces which each of them can accommodate 300 standard booths.) with a clear height of 12m. The indoor exhibition space should be a column-free space which can serve as an assembly hall and accommodate 5,500 people.

2.Flexible Conference Space

flexible partition, one conference room for 1000 delegates (should be divisible into four rooms with the capacity of 250 respectively), one conference room for 800 delegates (should be divisible into two rooms with the capacity of 500 and 300 respectively), five conference rooms for 100 delegates and three for 20 delegates (should be divisible into spaces for 20-40 delegates).

3.Public Space

The main entrance should be located beside the THSR station. There should be a plaza and a reserved space for the access road to the overpass of the station. A large space should be reserved at the entrance plaza and multi-functional outdoor plaza. The multi-functional outdoor plaza should be able to serve as a parking space for 250 vehicles or a temporary exhibition venue. The maximum load of the plaza should be 5 ton/m2. It should also serve as an extension of the park on the East. As for the entrance lobby, there should be a small catering area and conference space. There should be a semi-outdoor restaurant, administration space and medium-sized conference room.


Space and Preparation Area: The parking space should be able accommodate 550 cars and 450 scooters. The loading and parking routes should be separated and set on the secondary road. There should be individual external routes for the events in different exhibition area, internal routes for installing and uninstalling the exhibition, and rerouting for the visitors and vehicles, as well as the routes for from the ticket office to the exhibition area. There should also a truck exclusive lane, freight elevators, loading dock and bonded warehouse. The generators which make vibration and noise are recommended to be built in the basement.

Expected Benefits

The Greater Tainan Expo Center is going to be a modern expo center which accommodates 600 standard exhibition booths. It will combine the features of an arena and serves as a multi-functional venue for performances, sports competitions, banquets and other events. It is going to be a green and smart exhibition center which cooperates with the Biotechnology Center in Southern Taiwan, Academia Sinica and Green Energy Innovation Center and its demonstration zone. The Expo Center will gradually complete the overall planning of the Tainan THSR Station District and facilitate the development of the district. Being an interaction platform for the industry, the Expo Center is expected to enhance the industrial technology and business opportunities in order to draw more international investments. As a result, there will be more talent attracted and retained as well as more employment in Tainan. It will promote the economic development and transformation as well as enhancing Tainan’s competitiveness as an international city.