Traffic information


The site is located at the Tainan THSR Station District. The Guanmiao Section of the East-West Expressway connects to National Highway No. 1 and No. 3. It also connects the Tainan Airport and the downtown of Tainan via the Tainan Interchange. Moreover, there will be new roads connecting to the downtown of Guanmiao. Regarding the public transportation, passengers can take the THSR to the big cities of Western Taiwan. It takes 83 min to get to Taipei and 11 min to get to Kaohsiung. Passengers can also take the TRA Shalun Line to access to Chang Jung Christian University, Zhongzhou, Bao’an and Tainan Station. The whole journey takes approx. 30 min. There is also shuttle service from the THSR station to the several districts of Tainan City.